The World’s Largest Economy: The She Economy

The Harvard Business Review estimates the female consumer market to be a growth market bigger than China and India combined.

In the digital age, women as end-users and consumers often form the largest part of many markets – driving the growth of companies regardless of whether they are female-oriented or not, particularly in internet, mobile and social media businesses.

The Gap: The Case for Investing in Women

Market studies have shown that women consumers feel “vastly underserved”.

A growing population of female entrepreneurs and executives are well-positioned to take advantage of these opportunities through their intuitive understanding of consumer insights and ability to design solutions and products for this demographic.

Asia Market Opportunity

Our analysis suggests that much of future investment into Asia will be in advanced technologies, upscaling traditional industries with technology and innovative business models.

The rise of the She Economy coincides with a rising middle class

Consumer expenditure growth at its strongest in Asia at 4.6% year-on-year

Increasing mobile penetration is leading to a faster adoption of technology and the creation of a greater online to offline ecosystem

Gender Lens Methodology

Teja Ventures‘ investment strategy is shaped by leveraging the economic potential of women in Asia as a demographic across the entire value chain of investment.

When assessing investments, it will apply objective investment criteria in addition to a gender lens methodology which consists of one of the three following gender lenses.

Why the need for a gender lens?

We believe that using a gender lens methodology to analyze investments is a way of maximizing return and mitigating risk of portfolio investment over time.